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May. 13th, 2009


Oh, Today...

Oh I'm sooo sure my boss is fucking that stupid whore we have as sales manager... That bitch makes my life at office a complete hell and now she's suddenly best friends with Richard, my boss. He always says she's the most unprofessional person ever and now they hang out together every fuckin single day. He can fuck whoever he wants, that's not my fuckin bussiness, I mean, I'm not his wife, but WHY THAT BIIIITCH WHO HATES MEEEEEEE, WHYYYYXUWYGFSKJDBFKJSADYGFKLE??? plus, his wife is 6 months pregnant. He used to be like the best boss ever, polite, smart, hard worker, but now I don't know what to think about him. He's so changed. Whatever...

Well, let's talk about something MUCH MORE important... today is definitely a glorious day. Why? Because 23 years ago, the most perfect man on earth was born. Just that.


Hope that Kristen dances naked to you tonight, as she always does. LOL.

Apr. 22nd, 2009


Rob and Kris sitting in a tree...

I made some icons. Shitty ones as always but meh.


Robert + Kristen = <3

Feb. 23rd, 2009


Heath + Rob = Oscars 2009 FTW


You were there, I think we all felt it... It was your night... Finally, the recognition you always deserved is here, now you'll be part of film history in every single possible way, not just for your incredible actoral skills, but now you have the most important award. Oh, Heath, Matilda will be so proud of you, like me, like everybody who followed your career. I cried last night, fuck yes. And I'd do it again. So fucking miss you, Ledger! And Congratulations, you winner!!!!

Best Supporting Actor Ever

And well, *wipes her tears* let's see what was the best of the night, besides Heath Ledger's award.

My man. Robert fucking Pattinson. Can he be hotter or more perfect? Doubt it, the world would explode of lust. Gosh, I had like 3 Robgasms just watching him.

Perfection. Period.

Other things I totally loved last night:

1. Slumdog. Best Movie. Hell yeah!
2. Angelina Jolie, all smiles and happiness. Jeniffer Aniston, all bitterness and jealousy. The super LOLZ.
3. Robert Pattinson in tux. Sex on legs.
4.Hugh Jackman. <3
5. Miley Cyrus dress... yup. I said it. Hey, she looked good, it's not my fault.
6. Nataile Portman. She looked lovely in that pink/purple/wtf dress.
7. Alicia Keys' dress. I want it for me. Nao.
8. Kate Winslet's dad... whistling. OMG, that was epic, and It made me LOL.
9. Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix. HIGHlarious.
10. Kate Winslet. She looked BEAUTIFUL. Hate her for that, lol. jk.
and the best...

And what I hated:

No fucking Kristen Stewart insight, WTF. I was hoping to see her and Rob together at the red carpet, but bleh, I think it was just a dream. *sobs*.
Oh, and that horrendous dress of Beyonce. Ugh, And Beyonce herself. Hate that fat bitch.

And that's it, I guess. If I remember anything else, I'll post it later.

Feb. 16th, 2009



People keeps asking me like... 3 questions.




1. Yes. Man's name: George.
2. At this moment, yes, I'm living in Mexico, last year I was in Cabo (and I met there like 7302975049365094360189 artists), now I'm in Mazatlan. Maybe next year I'll move to some random country in Europe... or maybe just to Oregon, LOL.
3. No. Otherwise I'd be a crazy TwiMom stalking Rob. Now I'm just a crazy girl stalking Rob, XD just kidding. But I have 2 dogs, Junior and Camilla. They're my right and left eye. I love them to death. They're my babies.

Well, gotta go. Tons of work and I need some free time to read WA...

Feb. 3rd, 2009


I have too much free time... somebody help me

Here I have a few icons i made. 6 from Kristen, 1 from sneaky Jasper and 1 from Wide Awake and the gazebo.


Feb. 2nd, 2009


Me and the fanfictions

I've been reading fanfiction for this last 4 days. I like it, but when are good ones, not the typical marysue fanfics that make me throw up a little.

I have two favorites now. First: Horizons. This one is post BD and tells Renesmee's POV. But this story breaks my heart because is supossed that Bella couldn't make it through that gore birth. the case is: Edward can't handle this, says goodbye everyone and goes to Italy and ask the Volturis to kill him. I won't spoil everything, but I highly recommend it, go read it.

Number two: Wide Awake. I think this was pretty obvious for several reasons. But mainly because is FUCKIN AWESOME. If I were the author of WA i definitely put this in a book and make gazillions of dollars. And just for the sake of avoiding lawsuits, just change the names of the characters, because anyways it doesn't look AT ALL like twilight. Loved it. I prefer this Bella over the original one. Less bitchy LOL.

Go read it and be a new WA adict. I bet once you read it you'll be a new one.

And yeah, I made that mini banner because I'm a loser and I wanted to prove my love for WA.

Jan. 23rd, 2009



So, here's a bunch. Yeah.


I'll post more later. So... yeah. Bye.

Jan. 22nd, 2009


Heath Fuckin' Ledger, man!

A year ago, the glorious actor Heath Ledger passed away in a stupid accident. And we all lost a star, a bright one.
I remember the day I met him. I used to work in Cabo, in a hotel named Las Ventanas. He went there, for 3 or 4 days. He was there with Michelle, no Matilda in sight. I think this was the last trip they made together because like 2 or 3 weeks later, they broke up. I wasn't pretty surprised, because when I saw them i could notice that they were too serious to each other. But you could tell they loved each other too. Anyways, both were extremely polite and awesome. I remember a little chat with him, he asked me about other beaches in Mexico, and I asked him about that memorable scene in 10 things I hate about you, when he sings Can't Take my eyes of you. He just laughed and said "I was young" I told him "But that wasn't your voice... right?" Michelle started laughing and he made a face of pain as if i were offending him "Of course it was my voice! I could be a Broadway star if I want... but I don't!" Or something like that. Maybe those weren't the exact words but wtf. It was just a little chat because it's not allowed to bother the guests... but gosh he was so damn awesome... He was Heath Fuckin Ledger!!!
That will be just in my mind forever. That was my moment with Heath.
Months later, he died. And I cried. Now I miss him.

Rest in peace, HL.

Rest in peace, you, great one.

Jan. 19th, 2009


(no subject)

Well... yesterday... I crashed my car. I'll have to pay like only $1000 usd because my insurance will cover the rest, so... the case is that I fucked up my poor lovely dear Chevy-kins. I bought this car less than a year ago, like 5 months ago. So I'm an idiot. End of story.

Have to say IT WASN'T MY FAULT but, whatever. The only ray of light in this tunnel of shit was that the officer is my fan (LOLZ) Yes! he said "So... you are Lenna... from 93.1? wow, i listen to you EVERYDAY!!!" sooo I didn't pay a fuck, because the officer loves me. Yay, I'm fuckin' famous. XD

So, yes. Bye.

Jan. 12th, 2009


Who will be Leah? WHO CARES?!¡!

It's so funny that everybody just went nuts because there were this stupid rumor about Vanessa Hudgens being cast as Leah Clearwater. I mean, WTF... geez take a shower kids, what do you want for the character? Miss Quileyute 2009?? (if that even exists...) I mean, blah, the girl could be... good I guess. Being honest I don't care that much. I just only thought that if that girl is in New Moon or whatever, we have a big chance of having a picture of Robert Pattinson AND Zac Efron during New Moon's premiere and that be the hottest thing since that memorable scene of Edward Cullen sayin' SEX twice in the movie.

I always said that I hate Katy Perry because I never understood why everybody were like "OHMYGOD SHE'S THE NON-PLUS-ULTRA" like she were the best fuckin singer ever or the next Amy Winehouse or something. And I still think the same, I don't like her at all. But I kinda like the Hot and Cold cover she sings, is... acceptable. But that's the only good thing I'll said about that bitch. Really, she just make me feel the ginormous urge to kick someone in the face. (someone=kathyperryhellyeah)

*Random mode on* I wanna be Charlotte Casiraghi... she's so damn pretty!! and rich... and princess... and his brother is SO DAMN HOT... *Random mode off*

I'll eat my pizza and coke. Adios.

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